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In sexual diseases, although being single or have no sexual life is not a disease and does not need medical treatment, but you should think about whether you have been single for too long if you find the following symptoms

Signal 1: shy in front of the opposite sex. The best explanation for why you don't associate with the opposite sex is that you don't know how to deal with yourself in front of them. When you look at them and they find your gaze, you feel that you are not pleasing them, but repelling them. When you have just been with a member of the opposite sex for a while, you end the relationship in some bizarre way.

Signal 2: found that all the opposite sex had problems. Maybe you are afraid of pursuing the opposite sex, even more afraid of pursuing the opposite sex. Being single for too long can become overly critical. You can find faults in every other person around you. Even if you are a man of excellent conduct, you can be critical: you don't have good taste in clothes, you have big pores, you don't like to watch entertainment news, and you can save money

Signal 3: indulge in love soap opera: your biggest entertainment is love soap opera. Fantasize oneself is female one, have perfect love ending. It's time to adjust your preferences.

Signal 4: The hope is that technology will bring lifelong companionship. You give up the idea of finding a real heterosexual partner and hope that the world's advanced science and technology can bring you a partner. You are interested in every aspect of bioengineering.

There are other potential signs, of course. There is no doubt that it is a good choice to have sex dolls as partners. You should realize clearly that you can't go on like this.

Signal 5: girls will become strong women. Single for a long time, will become more and more independent, become a strong woman. All the details of life should be blocked by yourself. Even sexual partners are just sex toys. As time goes by, you start to be like a man, which is enough to make any opposite sex turn away from you.

Signal 6: live in the delusion that all members of the opposite sex love you. Unfortunately, fantasize that all the opposite sex favor themselves. Every ordinary interaction with the opposite sex is given a special meaning by you.

Signal 7: people thought you were gay. You never linger around the opposite sex, or show interest in them, only get along well with the same sex, so people think you have different sexual orientation.


The disharmony of sexual life is easy to cause many couples unhappy, so how to solve this problem when feeling that sexual life is not perfect? Instead of sitting there and dreaming about having a perfect sexual life, it's better to take some practical actions to truly make your sexual life perfect and enjoy it. For example, it's a good way to give each other a gentle caress when having sex. To learn more about sex skills, check out the article below.

1. Sex has "priority": couples should learn to balance work and life needs. If busy work delays sex, it's not worth it. When there's a conflict between sex and other things, "sex first" can be a surprise. Don't worry too much about the number of times you have sex, and don't always think that sex is a responsibility and obligation. Put your heart and soul into it. You will feel that life is better because of sex. Singles can choose a sex doll as a companion.

2. Both men and women should learn to masturbate: masturbation is an old topic, but there are still many "novices" who don't know enough about it. Women don't have to be shy and men don't have to worry too much. Masturbation is the best foreplay, helping each other, not only to boost the fun, but also to help each other understand. Masturbation as a foreplay, especially in front of each other, or to help the other half masturbate, can play a very good helping role. Sex toys can be used to spice sex up.

3. Fully understand the sensitive points of each other: know yourself and your partner. Only when you know yourself and your enemy can you win every battle. We should understand each other from psychological and physiological aspects, especially for the sensitive points of both sides, so as to grasp the key points in sexual life and create pleasure. We should also correctly understand the influence of age change on sexual function and dispel our concerns. Encourage each other, keep exploring and trying.

4. Don't be a "silent lamb": sex needs voice. Silence is the biggest killer of marriage and emotion. Sexual love needs beautiful voice to stimulate: the love words in the ear, groans in the passion, can make sexual love more perfect. At the same time, husband and wife should step in step, not simply pursue skills, everyone has a unique place, to spare no effort to stimulate every sensitive area.

5. Focus on enjoying sex: adjust your mind and let go of your worries. The most important sex organ of human body is brain. Let go of all the worries in your mind and focus on sexual love, and your body will get more pleasure than ever before.


Men and women, both the protagonists in sexual life, play a very important role. However, some bad habits will affect the sexual experience. Which sexual behaviors do men hate most? The sexual life is wonderful, but it needs the tacit cooperation of both sides. But many times, some performances of female sex in sexual life will make men dislike it, so we want to ensure the harmony of sexual life Women need to get rid of these bad habits.

1. Women don't pay attention when they have sex: for example, when men are fully engaged, women are staring at TV, yawning, talking on the phone, etc. which are all taboos for men. even today's intelligent sex doll have their own reactions to sex.

2. Women don't move when they have sex: men hate women who are like nuns in bed. Many men fill in the term "pretend to be dead fish" directly on the questionnaire. They don't like to meet women with poor interaction and low coordination, and they hate to meet women with low coordination, and they don't want to share the same bed with women who have made gestures.

3. Women are ashamed to say "I want to make love": This is the most common mistake women make. Being shy or worried about being considered "coquettish", many women are reluctant to tell him even if they want to have sex. "In fact, if a woman puts forward this matter, it shows that having sex with him is an important thing, which will make a man feel happy and excited, and also the best affirmation of his sexual ability." If you really don't want to be so direct, you can agree on a hint, says sexologist Rupert.

4. The woman is silent all the time on the bed during sex: make love without saying a word, the subtext that gives the other side is "I am not interested in sex at all." Especially for men, the silence of lovers is a great insult. Using sex toys can make sex more exciting.

5. Women place achieving orgasm entirely on men: women should know how to achieve orgasm, rather than waiting for men.

6. Only choose to have sex in the bedroom: don't regard the bed as the "sex base", which is not what he wants. There are two things men like: adventure and sex. One way to combine the two is to have sex in another place.

As a woman, we should be careful and have good habits, because some bad sexual habits will affect the perfection of sexual life. Female friends can know if they have these behaviors and habits in their sexual life, because in your opinion, these behaviors and habits are normal, but they are not conducive to the coordination of sexual life, so men are generally compared, Hate the way women behave in bed.


Just like a new product, after processing, it will leave a little industrial flavor after processing. It's like new items like shoes, clothes, leather goods, cars, housing, and so on. The same is true for TPE dolls, especially for some custom sex dolls, which are shipped to the customer at the fastest speed after the end of the custom construction period. This also allows the doll to have enough time to volatilize the smell of the product after production.

If you are concerned about the smell that is difficult to dissipate, you can let the manufacturer give you a sex doll that has been stocked for a certain period of time. Because the general TPE dolls are usually processed by thermoplastic molding during the processing. Generally, a part of the odor can be emitted over time.

It is also a good idea to put lavender or other fragrances you like in your love doll's cabinet or box.
This doll made of medical silicone material TPE. TPE is a new type of silicone, which can be stretched up to 5.5 times length and is very soft! It has been tested to be safe to humans.

with preprogrammed sexual responses. Heated temperature control, and touch sensors. She can respond to your sexual queries. Multiple touch sensor-hot intense, exciting moaning response to every touch of private positions. Choose your favor sex audio, feel the realistic sexual.

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Amorous is not a man's patent. With the opening of the society, more and more people can't stand loneliness and temptation. So some women show their amorous feelings incisively and vividly, and their sexual life is very abundant . So, as a amorous woman, what kind of performance will she have? Let's get to know

1. Don't mind going to guys' sleepovers: if you don't know what you want to do, you can go to your house for the night with you. It's possible for a lonely man or a girl to have anything happen, but she has no scruples. In any case want to be popular, the status of women is reflected in how many men pursue her. Women who hold this view are not satisfied with giving everything to their husbands after marriage, and then tempting the men around them. Active choice and use of  sex toys

2. Think that marriage is the tomb of love: women with such thoughts have a restless heart. Because they think marriage is a dry and boring pronoun, she can't be free after marriage, and can't see one love like now. Women who have repeatedly cheated are usually unwilling to have a stable and stable daily life. No matter how tender and considerate the husband is, how high the income is, such women still find their daily life too boring. They are easy to play fire with a game mentality. When a person is alone or at leisure, loneliness will break out. She will try to find someone to accompany her and listen to her complaints. No matter who is pursuing her or her ex boyfriend, as long as she can solve the loneliness. Some men choose  sex dolls when they are lonely

3. Keen on all kinds of love TV dramas: Playful women love watching love movies, fantasizing that they are the princesses in the drama, enjoying the feeling of being pursued by handsome men. In their eyes, love is as vigorous and exciting as TV drama, regardless of the actual situation. A playful woman will take advantage of going out to meet the right man. In order to catch men, they must appear in front of each other in the most beautiful image. Therefore, whether they go downstairs to throw garbage or go shopping in convenience stores, they will never cut corners on facial engineering.

4. Sudden sexual impulse: she will never consider the situation or atmosphere in front of her. She will have sex with you suddenly, like a wild cat in autumn. She is fierce, hungry and enthusiastic. Every time she finished, she pretended to be embarrassed and said, "ah, here comes another time." But as soon as the voice was heard, she would ask for another one.

If you have the above four performances, it will be enough to show that you are a amorous woman. Although it is not the same age, but actually as a woman, you still need to be loyal to love. Physiologically, the less sexual partners, the more conducive to health. For example, one of the inducements of cervical cancer is that there are too many sexual partners.


In love, you should know yourself and your lover. Sexual life is a process of pleasing each other. Women's sensitivity can easily detect men's emotions. But careless men don't care so much. In order to please your lover, you first need to know what they are thinking. What women care about most in bed.

1. Praise of a woman's body: no matter how beautiful a woman's body is, there will be a sense of shame and inferiority in her subconscious. Women tend to pay attention to physical defects, such as thighs are not long enough or breasts are not full enough, affecting the production of sexual pleasure. But if a man can appreciate his lover's body, give encouragement and praise, the woman will be more relaxed and trust him completely.

Expert opinion: when a woman exposes her most private part to her partner, even if she is not perfect as a sex doll, she will expect his praise, which will help improve her self-confidence and sexual participation.

2. Create a good sexual atmosphere: women are emotional animals. In the process of sex, her vision, smell, hearing and touch are all in an open state. She is very sensitive. Any romantic feeling that can bring her senses will become her concern. For example, low music, romantic lights, charming perfume and moving love words are the most powerful techniques to create an atmosphere.

Expert opinion: high quality sexual life is not the beginning of sleeping, but the time spent together before sleeping. For example, romantic dinner, anniversary surprise, special gifts.

3. Pay attention to her feelings when having sex and communicate more: most men want to be good at making love, but women don't necessarily like some sexual skills. Love is an interactive process. The only way is to pay attention to her feelings and keep in touch. Watch her reaction, or ask her, "do you like it?" Considerate behavior will make her feel sweet, and your love will become more harmonious. you can use sex toy during sex.

Expert opinion: the sensitive area of love varies from person to person, and the way of caressing each person is also different, so it is important to pay close attention and communicate.

4. Into her body and mind: few women have sex for the sake of desire. In this process, they want to get physical and mental satisfaction. Therefore, women hope that their lover can have more emotional communication with her in advance, such as listening to her troubles, relieving her anxiety, paying attention to her needs, and truly completing a perfect love on the basis of good spiritual communication.

Expert opinion: women think that sex is a process of physical and mental integration. So, after a fight, men often want to reconcile with sex, but women can't have sex in this mood.

5. Foreplay can't be perfunctory: women often regard gentle and considerate foreplay as the reflection of love. Caress is not only an appreciation of her body, but also an expression of true feelings. Although many people understand this truth, there will still be men running straight to the theme, which will only make women feel sick, let alone perfect love.

Expert opinion: the physiological characteristics of a woman determine that she needs a longer period of excitement. Men's caresses before sex, including kissing, hugging, touching and even massage, can help women get excited.


Sex is a kind of instinctive impulse. Only through the sexual life of both husband and wife can release it better. Research has found that regular sex has a positive impact on brain cells, not only can release pressure, but also can improve memory and relieve migraine symptoms.

What effect does sex have on the brain?

1. Antidepressants: women exposed to men's semen are 40% less likely to develop depression, because semen contains a large number of compounds, such as prostaglandins and estrogen, which can fight depression. Sex with a sex doll has the same effect.

2. Let sad things forget temporarily: when the pressure is too high, head injury, physical pain, and violent sexual life, the patient will have a short-term amnesia, especially when the sexual behavior is strong, men and women will get the corresponding orgasm, resulting in amnesia or amnesia symptoms, and they will forget the sad things. Sex toy can be used to make sex for more fun.

3. Calming effect: according to gender experts, sex is the safest sedative, and the more frequent sex is, the calmer people will be, thus improving their ability to resist stress and their tolerance. In addition, it can also relieve insomnia symptoms. Men's sex life is more easy to quickly enter the sleep state, because after ejaculation, the prefrontal cortex of the brain will slowly relax, thus improving the quality of sleep.

4. Improve memory: studies have shown that people who maintain a normal life can promote the growth of nerve cells, thereby improving memory and attention. Migraine can also be relieved. The study found that 30% of group headache and 60% of migraine patients relieved their symptoms in sexual life, because sex can stimulate women's G-spot, thus increasing the pain threshold, mainly due to the role of oxytocin.

5. Bring spiritual pleasure: because performance gives us a certain degree of physical and mental satisfaction, we will be more eager for and like sex life, which can make people happy, mainly because it can release a lot of dopamine, which belongs to a neurotransmitter, can activate the brain center, but also can make people more excited.


Is abstinence good or bad? Long term abstinence in sexual lifeis not a good thing for men and women. It's best to abstain for a short time. Otherwise, it will be harmful to the couple's feelings or personal health. So what are the disadvantages of long-term abstinence? Today, let's get to know.

What is the harm of long-term abstinence?

1. Psychologically, many experts say that if men want more of themselves. Forced abstinence can lead to serious emotional illness. If you don't have a sexual partner, choose a suitable sex doll

2. "If young people don't have sex, they may increase their libido and fantasy," sexologist doctors said. So you can't concentrate. Irritability, insomnia, extreme tension and other diseases, the severity of the disease depends on everyone's libido, temperament and the strength of the environment.

3. Long term abstinence can also have a great impact on sexual function. Especially for the elderly, it is easy to cause temporary or permanent impotence. Using sex toy can enhance the pleasure of sex

Benefits of short-term abstinence

1. Stimulate creativity. Limiting your desires in a short period of time can put your work and Study on the right track. This may be the benefit of concentration.

2. Exercise will. Because it's not easy to suppress desire, because it requires willpower. So if you can hold back, you've actually completed a huge challenge.

3. Family happiness. After a brief abstinence, your ability is likely to surprise you. Little is better than a newly married couple. At this time, when the firewood is on fire, the family affairs will be very harmonious.

4. keep healthy. Short term abstinence will make the body enter the rest period, which is conducive to the recovery of the body.

Performance gives us a certain degree of physical and mental satisfaction, so we will be more eager and like sex life, can make people happy, mainly because it can release a lot of dopamine, which belongs to a neurotransmitter, can activate the brain center, can also make people more excited. Sex is a kind of instinctive impulse. Only through the sexual life of both husband and wife can we release it better. Research has found that regular sex has a positive impact on brain cells, not only can release pressure, but also can improve memory and relieve migraine symptoms.


A man's semen quality has a lot to do with his body's health and giving birth to a healthy baby and sexual life. However, due to the wrong eating habits, there is a downward trend in his semen. Many male friends unconsciously eat a lot of spermicidal food, which affects the sperm quality. So what kind of food are the killers? Let's have a look.

1. Soybeans: soybeans are a common face. How could they kill sperm? I believe that many people love to eat soy, but men who like to eat soy and other soy products should be careful. Soybean products have adverse effects on male reproductive system, especially sperm production. Soybean and its products are rich in isoflavone phytoestrogens. If they are ingested too much, it will naturally affect the level of male hormones, which will lead to a series of adverse consequences. China has also had a male experts that eating too much soy products will affect the number of male sperm. You can learn to use some sex toy if you feel a decline in your sex life.

2. Coffee: coffee is the favorite of the office workers. The office workers who often work overtime love it very much. The strong fragrance is fascinating and refreshing. The reason why coffee is refreshing is that it contains caffeine which stimulates the sympathetic nerve. Sympathetic nerves control all activities of the day. When stimulated, people will be refreshed and energetic. When the sympathetic activity is frequent, the relatively weak parasympathetic nerve will be suppressed to some extent, and the clinical manifestation is the decrease of sexual desire. Using sex toy during sex can add more fun.

3. Coke: American professor of gynecology Anderson and his colleagues became the winner of the alternative Chemistry Award for proving that coke has spermicidal effect. Anderson heard about the legend of coke contraception for many years, and decided to test it with some colleagues. The results showed that coke can indeed kill sperm, and the spermicidal effect of diet coke is very obvious.

4. Beer: beer is the most popular drink for modern men's and women's parties. Every night, there will be a lot of empty beer bottles under the stall. In fact, beer is also spermicidal, especially has been suffering from kidney diseases, and unlimited drinking a lot of beer, will make uric acid deposition lead to renal tubular obstruction, resulting in renal failure.

If a man wants to achieve the best quality of his sperm, he must stay away from tofu, coffee, coke and beer, so as to ensure the quality of sperm, have a good body and have a healthy and intelligent baby.


Teach you to read a woman's subtle sexual signals

Although people don't think sex is as conservative as before, female are shy and passive when facing sex. It's hard for them to tell men by mouth. So when women want to have sex, they often suggest it through their limbs. So in normal sexual life, male friends should pay more attention to this aspect. Only in this way can sex be more harmonious.

1Take the initiative. Hugging is the simplest but most intimate physical contact. When a woman wants to be close, she actively seeks to embrace and approach her partner. If she lies in your arms and coquettes with words, it means that she is waiting for your further intimacy.

2Sexy wear. When a woman wears a sexy bra and intentionally "shows off" her sexy underwear in front of you, it shows that she wants to be her partner's "stripper". Sometimes they actively use sex toy.

3Extend kissing time. Kissing is more than lip to lip contact. If the woman bites your lower lip or licks your mouth with her tongue, it could be a "I need more" sign.

dyspnea. It's a sexual signal that can't be disguised. If she breathes fast and her heart beats fast, it means she "really wants it.".

4Twist her body. When you approach her, her body responds positively and becomes very soft. She'll hook her arm around your neck. Her legs seem to be twisting. She's inviting you with her body language. Sex doll can also give you sexual satisfaction.

5Hip movement. Women have a lot of hip movements. If she repeats the same action on her hips, it shows that she is eager for you to enter her body.

When women face sexual desire, they will have physical cues, which requires sexual friends to observe these problems more, so that one side will not be excited, while the other side is purely dealing with them.

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