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Madden Ultimate Team Series 5 has finally started, and it brings a lot of incredible content within a week of operation. Starting from Series 5, we have a new master Joey Bosa. Journey 3 is online and combined with Theme Diamond 2 gives you another great player to come Boost the theme team, and there are ten levels for you to earn and get rewarded. It also brings a series of Redux series players and more Power-Up players, but most importantly, it marks the beginning of Ultimate Legends. One of the biggest programs is here, you can get an elite card for free! This does not require you to spend any Madden 20 Coins, it is completely free, but for those who Buy Madden 20 Coins, you can ignore it, they have better options, and that's it.

Solo Challenge gives you the chance to get one of these incredible cards for free. So far, three versions have been released, bringing 12 new players to the MUT. Each UT player has a professional version (96-97 OVR), two game versions (92-95 OVR) and three skill versions (86-89 OVR). To get the professional version, you need to exchange all five non-professional cards. Each UL has a boot card.

Ultimate Legend Solo Challenge

As with any program, Solo Challenge is also released, allowing you to play and compete with new content and earn money with rewards. UT is no different, as far as rewards are concerned, its solo collection is one of the best in the game. There are currently three threads. So far, each UT version has one thread. So far, there are 24 challenges. Of these four items, two of them are power-up cards corresponding to the players in the challenge, and the final challenge will reward the skill version of the UL player, and the professional player will be promoted to the professional version.

However, the first challenge in each thread is the most important. Called Ultimate Legends Kickoff, this is a complete match against the UL team, and the winner (only one star) will be awarded Ultimate Legends tokens. If you get 16 of these tokens, you can exchange them for random Career Edition UL players. That's right, for 96-97 OVR UL players, all you have to do is win 16 games on rookie difficulty and arcade mode. If you consider Buy MUT Coins, the Series 5 will become very interesting.
Three years have passed since the EA's Madden NFL franchise correctly predicted the Super Bowl game. Yesterday Madden successfully predicted the victory of the Chiefs. To celebrate the birth of the Super Bowl champion, Buy MUT 20 Coins at GameMS now and you will enjoy a pleasant discount. In fact, before the big game last night, Madden NFL only predicted a quarter of the correct rate in the previous game, bringing the total ratio to 10/16 of the correct prediction. This number has just risen to 11/17.

EA's football game predicted a surprise win for the Kansas City Chiefs. Last night's game was very exciting, with the Chiefs falling by 10-20 early in the fourth quarter. Some important offensive tactics and revival of defense reversed the situation, with the Chiefs winning 31-20. Madden NFL 20 did not get the correct score this time, predicting the Chiefs will win 35-31, but the gist of the game is. This is their correct approach:

Chiefs win
Patrick Mahomes takes MVP of Super Bowl LIV
Second-half touchdowns from Damian Williams and Travis Kells
Sheikh brings lead back to China at the end of the fourth quarter

The last thing I remember most about predictions and the game itself is the last one. In the third quarter, the chiefs' situation looked very grim, with hunger seen in the eyes of 49 people. They were just playing a better game, breaking through Kansas City's defense, putting tremendous defensive pressure on Mahomes, and it seemed to have failed. In the fourth quarter, everything changed, and the tenacious loser regained the first Heisman trophy in 50 years. Patrick Mahomes won the MVP, and this is your best chance to have him in the game. Buy MUT 20 Coins at GameMS will help you easily own him.

We will see if the curse is broken. If Madden NFL 21 can predict next year's Super Bowl championship, then I will be persuaded.
Super Bowl weekend is coming, according to tradition. EA Sports is preparing to use the latest Madden game to predict the outcome of the Super Bowl. In addition to the Madden simulation, the game itself has many offers this week. For a limited time, Madden NFL 20 will be reduced by 50% across the platform and sold for $ 30. This offer is mostly digital and available in the PlayStation Store, Xbox Live and EA's Origin, but you can find the same discount on GameStop as well. To celebrate the upcoming Super Bowl weekend, players can Buy MUT Coins at GameMS at a lower price, a super low discount price,

The standard version is the cheapest and includes only basic games, but on consoles, the Superstar and Ultimate Superstar versions are discounted to $ 40 and $ 50 respectively. These special editions come with rewarding game content, including Gold Team Fantasy Packs and Small or Large Training Quick Sale Packs. Special editions are cheaper on Origin, $ 32 and $ 40 respectively.

In GameSpot's Madden NFL 20 review, the latest article in the long-running football series received an 8/10 rating, and critic Eddie Makuch praised its new X-factor feature, weekly challenges, and more.

He wrote: "The Madden NFL 20 is an improved version of the annual professional football series, It has been done perfectly, and there are some small disadvantages that need to be improved." "The new QB1 professional model including the quasi-NCAA football experience-overall feels Like a half-baked idea that doesn't bring anything meaningful or interesting. However, in the live-action, the new X factor and superstar function have completely changed the familiar gameplay, making experienced players and novice Both can plan the game and coordinate the ball's strategy in a new way. "

Regardless of whether EA's "Super Bowl 2020" forecast is passed this year, you can count on one thing and that is that we will get some really interesting ads. This is also a very good time for players to buy. Buy MUT Coins, you will enjoy the lowest price, which is great. As we wait for an important day to come, check out all the 2020 Super Bowl ads and trailers posted to date, including the tragic death of Mr. Peanut.
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