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So, you made it on here and registered and you might be thinking: what's next? 

Here are some tips for creating a profile that gets you noticed: 

1. Photos: choose photos that look like you NOW and showcase you in your best light: smiling helps but is certainly not mandatory. Multiple pics are great but make sure your main profile pic is the best one! Take advantage of all of the photo ops you have here by utilizing pics of you having fun, doing what you love and showing anything else you want VISUALLY vs having to write paragraphs about it. Pictures tell more of a story and lets be honest... nobody reads....

2. That said, in case people DO want to read all about you- craft a good, yet simple bio. Make your bio about YOU and what you are looking for in friends or in lovers. Hi light what you LIKE vs what you DON'T like BUT.... Please be clear about what you're looking for. It's ok to say "No hook-ups please" or "no ONS" (thats One Night Stand). If you're vegan and only want to hang with vegans, it's totally ok to say so! 

3. Feel free to create blog posts and groups! These will highlight you as a contributing community member and get you seen (if thats what you want) and showcase you as an expert or someone cool to hang out with. Groups can be anything: Vintage clothing for gals, shows in So Cal, Meetups, etc... The sky's the limit- this is your site!

Got any questions? Just ask!


admin Sep 25 '17 · Tags: getting started
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