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Dating with a doll, start your journey of happiness now : According to a report provided by the Guardian, the sex technology industry is less than a decade years (including smart toys that can be operated remotely, finding sexual partners and building applications for virtual reality porn services), and its value is estimated to be $30 billion. And sex robots could be the next hardware product to be sought after. In addition, a 2016 study conducted by Duisburg Essen University found that more than 40% of 263 heterosexual men said they could imagine buying sex robots for themselves now or in the next five years. In fact, men in relationships, like single or lonely men, are interested in having sex robots. Perhaps, to build a dynamic relationship with a cold silica gel requires the user's imagination, so sex dolls will never be the choice of most people. However, building a relationship with a robot that can speak, move, and learn new skills could lead to more markets for intelligent robots. The difference between European aesthetics and oriental aesthetics is very large. Some Chinese women are so ugly, but European and American like it very much. This is the difference between the East and the West. French dolls are warm, but they dare not compliment their faces. Since technology, touch and temperature are all good, why not add more faces? Next is the entrance of heating. enter from anywhere image will destruct, a head pulling a line, always feel that there is a section of electrocution, even if 100% of the safety, the feeling is not good, which is the shortcomings of humanity, but if a girl is listening to music, there are two lines on her ears, it's much better, and two inlets, one can be used as a spare. Let's not talk about the lower body. The integrity of the real needs to pay the trouble of cleaning. Secondly, we have to say artificial intelligence. Although a lot of energy has been put into AI, it still needs a long way to go. A natural smile on the face requires supercomputer computing. This is a long process, but the most important problems have not been solved. Skin touch and authenticity in Europe and the United States have reached a very high level. France's self However, the body temperature also makes the beauty come alive, but close their eyes, this is an important problem that has not been solved. Close eyes, it will have to change it's head. It's a bit scary. What many people need is company. A woman who sleeps with her eyes open is not humanized. A doll floats across the sea, plus tariffs, freight, the price paid by the dealer is not cheap. Why to simulate? My personal feeling is clean, close to perfect and quiet. It's pure blasphemy, and it can't move the tongue. The head is still stiff. Sex is needed, but the simulation is first, and the simulation is also comfortable. The perfect doll in my heart is Oriental beauty's face, which has temperature control (with headphones is heating), can close it's eyes and open eyes, can easily change it's lower body, take it out and clean it. The skin feels delicate, durable and clean. Another excessive requirement is that the joint can be adjusted.
Is the nature of sex robots companionship? Of course, in addition to Lumi dolls and Abyss, a large number of companies are also developing and manufacturing "sex robots", such as true companion, a New Jersey technology company. When a computer engineer named Douglas Hines lost his close friend in the 9 / 11 incident, he immediately got an idea: Although he can't talk to him anymore, can he keep his personality in the computer forever? Hines works for the Computer Research Institute at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey and as an AI engineer. He decided to take the software home, tweak it, and design his friend's personality as a computer program - he could chat with him anytime, anywhere, and keep a version for his friend's children. A few years later, Hines's own father suffered several strokes, which damaged his body, but his mind was still clear For this reason, Hines reprogrammed the AI so that the robot partner could accompany his father when he was away. Hines founded true companion to sell his robots to the public, believing that the smart mate will have great market potential. His first project, however, was not an "Ai medical assistant" or "Ai companion device," but a product with the greatest commercial appeal, the sex robot. The robot, named Roxxxy, socializes with lonely, widowed and "socially abandoned" men. She will provide them with an opportunity to practice socializing and building relationships. Hines told the guardian: "The sexual part is superficial, the difficult part is duplicating the personality and providing this emotional connection." He doesn't think replacing human presence with circuits and silica gel could lead to emotional gaps. On the contrary, the purpose of sex robots is to provide unconditional love and support. Hines launched the product at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas in 2010, after spending three years making the first prototype Roxxxy. It is worth noting that this exhibition is the most famous annual conference and trade exhibition in the global adult industry, where studio owners and sex toy designers will show off their latest products. However, although the product has become a topic of discussion before the exhibition, it has become the object of ridicule after the exhibition. Because she's not sexy, she's a clumsy Finnish model in cheap clothes, leaning awkwardly to one side, even with a square chin. Although she is equipped with internal sensors, for example, if you touch her hand, she will say: "I like to shake hands with you. "But Roxxxy's lips can't move and can only be heard through speakers under the wig. Seven years have passed since the launch, but Hines revealed on twitter that he is preparing a lot for the launch of his 16th version of Roxxxy. Although it's not sure whether Roxxxy 's appearance will be liked by male consumers, the title of "sex robot" has made headlines and brought a series of inspiration to other companies that produce companion robots

What did you usually do on weekends? We may enjoy an extra hour of sleep in bed, play video games all morning, or walk easily to the city center to visit the erotic Robot Museum, which may become a reality in Spain in a year's time.

According to digital trend, more and more enterprises are trying to circumvent the law banning brothels by introducing lifelike robots. Spanish companies describe themselves as "the first sex toy agency in Europe.".

Although it is still producingstatic sex dolls, it is also trying to expand its operation, trying to combine the latest AI technology with sex dolls.

A spokesman told reporters: "all people have sexual fantasies that we can't realize in real life, maybe because they are embarrassed, or because they are not allowed to realize these fantasies with real women for physiological or physical reasons." "The doll won't comment on you, she won't say anything. "

Lumi dolls recently opened its first store in Barcelona, but the "special robot site" was shut down because of complaints from prostitutes in the city. Now it's reopening elsewhere in the region for $85 half an hour, or $106 an hour. This "erotic Robot Museum" has dolls in various clothes and with different personalities. There is even a high-definition plasma screen in the room, which is used to play some movies to let users "enter the situation"

A Lumi spokesman said he hoped to expand his business operations outside Spain and planned to introduce the product in the UK before further expanding its business: "we are confident that our brand will operate well in the UK. Our ideal location is London, looking for a major city with a certain population and an investor willing to help us expand our operations in the UK. "

In the United States, there is already a company that specializes in inflatable dolls for sexual partners. The company, called abyss, is based in California. Theirartificial intelligence silicone doll realdoll can smile, blink and frown. She can also talk, joke and quote Shakespeare. She will remember your birthday, what you like to eat, and the names of your brothers and sisters She can even talk to you about music, movies and books. Of course, she can also meet the physiological needs of users. According to Matt McMullen, the company's chief executive, abyss is developing an intelligent system called harmony AI to add a new dimension to the relationship between people and realdoll series dolls.


Let's take a look at the very cheap and often said inflatable dolls. This kind of inflatable dolls need to be inflated to form a real person's appearance. The appearance is rough. It looks very different from the real person. It can't change the posture very clumsily, and the texture is not very good. The vagina part is similar to the real person's vagina inverted mold.

Secondly, let's look at the semi-solid dolls that belong to the inflatable dolls. The so-called semi-solid dolls are actually the fixed shapes of their heads and breasts. The appearance and texture of the semi-solid dolls are much better than that of the inflatable dolls. The chest of the semi-solid dolls can be filled with water, which increases the elasticity of the chest and makes it more like the real breast. Semi solid dolls have a higher degree of simulation than inflatable dolls, and the price is not much more expensive than inflatable dolls, generally around $100.

Then let's look atthe entity doll. The so-called entity doll is mostly made of all silica gel material, which has a more real feeling than the inflatable doll. The appearance of the entity doll is also much better than the inflatable doll, and its simulation degree is much higher, almost the same as the real person. Because the solid doll has a mechanical frame as the keel, it can change many positions for you to use, which is more real than the general inflatable doll.

Entity dolls and inflatable dolls are not in the same level. Entity dolls are made of all silica gel and do not need to be inflated, so the price is also very expensive, generally around thousands of dollars, which is not acceptable to ordinary people. But with the improvement of people's living standards, people will enjoy them more and more now, so entity dolls are gradually popular.

The solid doll adopts the non inflatable design of all silica gel design, so it has a large shape and can't be folded and stored like the inflatable doll, which is a little difficult for the current Chinese people to accept. However, with the gradual opening of people's minds in China, the acceptance of the solid doll will gradually improve. Although the price of dolls is not cheap, but the pursuit of high-quality human dolls is a good choice.

We also need to talk aboutintelligent entity dolls. Ordinary dolls can no longer meet people's needs. There have been intelligent doll manufacturers in China. Intelligent dolls can talk intelligently. They have temperature all over their bodies, blink their eyes, and their mouth can move slightly. Intelligent entity dolls are also called robot dolls. This is a breakthrough in the current ordinary dolls, but also the realization of doll intelligence, information technology.


Physical doll is done now more and more beautiful, more and more alluring, detail is also more and more good, the entity doll that has pure angel face to add devil figure, have taking blurred eye expression to send out the Physical doll that gives weird aesthetic feeling to tempt the heart. To sum up, the current type of entity doll can be roughly divided into: pure girl, queen, wild girl, cute girl, cougar and so on.

How to usephysical dolls? The use method of entity doll can be roughly divided into the following three steps: before, during and after use, please see the detailed explanation below.

The doll should be cleaned before use.

When using the physical doll, lubricant must be used to keep the private parts of the entity doll sufficiently lubricated. If lubricant is not used, the internal parts of the entity doll are not sufficiently lubricated, which may cause the private parts of the entity doll to break after use. It's ok if you wear a well-lubricated condom. After using the doll, the inner part of the doll should be cleaned with water, and the whole body of the doll should be cleaned. After sterilizing the doll, wash it with warm water, dry the doll's interior and surface with a towel, or let dry naturally, and store it for next use.

The difference between a physical doll and a sex doll, The sex doll that we say commonly, solid doll is to belong to sex doll series replace real person to achieve sexual intercourse the sexual thing of the purpose, of course still have a kind of type is half solid doll also belongs to sex doll series one. To understand the difference between sex doll and entity doll, we first need to understand what role both of them have, both belong to sex doll series actually play the same role, sex doll role is a kind of sex masturbator, in the non-sexual partner to achieve the purpose of physiological needs.

As mentioned above, there are three types of inflatable dolls: inflatable dolls, semi-solid dolls and solid dolls. People often say that the inflatable doll refers to the inflatable doll and semi-solid doll.


1. The skin of the sex doll is designed to be very delicate and shiny, so don't let it near the fire or touch sharp objects, so as not to affect the appearance of scratches.

2. Do not touch with ink and other easily contaminated objects, so as not to get dirty.

3. Although thesex doll can change any position, the bending degree should not exceed the Angle of human body when changing the position, and the bending force should not be too strong, so as to avoid pulling the skin of the doll. Remember in the transformation of any movement do not force too hard do not exceed the bending degree of the human body, although the entity doll is not living, but still want to cherish.

4. When moving the doll, do not pull its limbs or head, but hold the body of the doll for movement.

5. Doll wigs and coats can be changed in different styles.

6. It is normal for the doll to feel some oil on the surface of the skin, in order to emit an attractive fragrance and protect the skin from cracking.

7. Do not touch water when cleaning the doll with electric circuit, so as to avoid circuit failure.

8. Physical dolls with battery Settings need to take out the battery after use and keep it in case of next use.

9. Physical dolls can reduce the spread of sexual diseases to some extent. However, if multiple people use the same physical doll, they may have infectious diseases.

10. Physical dolls can solve people's physical needs, but the frequency of use should be limited, so as not to affect the health.


The sex doll is a life-size, human-shaped adult sex toy that allows users to have fun with it. The sex doll of the past USES inflatable design more, reason calls inflatable doll again. Since the beginning of the 21st century, sex dolls have become closer to real people in both appearance and texture.

Physical doll features, nowadays, people thought of openness is higher, sex toys are not used to be something that is difficult to say, sex toys have been gradually accepted in the world, so the physical dolls in our market is becoming more and more big, although entity dolls are more expensive, but the people's standard of living is becoming more and more high, there are still a lot of people can afford. We all know that a physical doll is a tool used instead of a real person to achieve sexual satisfaction. So what are the physical dolls?

The physical doll is a kind of sexual intercourse tool that highly imitates the real person. It has the following characteristics:

1. The skin color of the entity doll is bright and delicate, close to the real person, and the touch is closer to the real skin. The inside of the doll is not inflated but solid, mostly made of non-toxic and odorless silicone. Today's physical dolls have very high imitation skin, which is made of non-toxic, tasteless, layered materials, with high durability, and feels almost like a real person. They are also dust-proof and easy to clean. And the inflatable doll inside is inflatable, far from lifelike, texture and appearance actually and children's pleasant goat inflatable toy is very close.

2. Each joint of the doll is made of polymer resin material and has a mechanical support inside, so that it can change the position you want to have sex, so that you can have a more comfortable experience during the sex. Play with the doll however you want, and treat it like a sexy, charming, beautiful, caring little lover.

3. The current physical doll has automatic heating design, which can heat the vaginal canal and chest to 37℃, which is similar to the body temperature of a real person, to make it closer to the feeling of a real person.

4. In order to feel more close to a real person, the baby doll has a vibration sensor in its lower belly, which can feel your body language 100%. It is equipped with a pronunciation chip, which will emit corresponding passionate sounds according to the frequency and amplitude of your movements.

5. The solid doll is generally made of silica gel, so it has the characteristics of silica gel material, such as water resistance, ozone resistance, aging resistance, not easy to corrosion, non-toxic and tasteless, chemical stability, long-term soft elastic performance, easy to operate and so on.


There’s probably been a lot of public talk about AI applications since AI became a hot topic, but the only thing that hasn’t been discussed is sex. Although this is a difficult topic to discuss, anyone who has seen Her will be impressed by the fact that the main character is obsessed with Scarlett's voice and has sex at night. Director Spike Jones wants to show us that falling in love with artificial intelligence is the ultimate antidote to human loneliness.

With flowing long hair, beautiful face, plump breasts  and slender waist, Harmony is a sex dollproduced by Abyss Creation. Although from the appearance, she is not much different from other realistic sex dolls. in fact, her head, eyelids and lips are movable. What's more, she can move, talk and even have her own " temper". Harmony is not just a doll, but part of a new robot revolution that incorporates artificial intelligence into "humanoid" bodies.

And Matt was clearly not satisfied with that, Matt wants to combine sex dolls with the AI technology to make sex robots that can communicate and develop their own personalities. Since Harmony took a long time to develop, Matt first launched an app for a sex robot. Above, you can set your favorite doll's personality, such as: dominant, no presence, shy, or jealous, etc. You can choose her mood, sexual level, voice, accent, body parts, underwear and clothes.

While some think it will revolutionize the way humans interact with each other, others think it is the worst advance in robotics. But in general, we have to admit that, whether we want to accept it or not, the era of sex robots has come. The question then arises: with Harmony as your perfect match, would you want to date a real person?


Some of the sex dolls are now being developed as smart heads, which users can add to their original bodies. This will cost $10,000 and is expected to happen within two years. The next generation of full-body smart products could cost between $30,000 and $60,000.

In this age of statistics, there may not be much evidence that human dolls reduce divorce rates or increase sexual compatibility. But behind the erotic dolls lie many artists and sociologists who dream of saving marriage, achieving human sexuality and happiness. It is already a great initiative to dream and speak for these unattainable "shames".

After a thorough understanding, it is difficult to deceive oneself to say that these are the money has no place to spend initiation of erotic things.

Every Sex Doll is a work of art.

Remember to visit the European countries, they have a large number of free "museum of sexual culture".

I remember a girl telling me: "when people think of durex, they think of condoms, but not the author of lover (although many translations are of durex )."

I remember that she said that the contestant bonnie burbonne had an interview on "little V big V" called "women talking about sex can be a very decent thing to do."The opening line is realistic: "there are many people who have sex for power and trade, but few who have sex to satisfy their real desires."When the reporter told you that you were talking about these topics and people still call you names today, bonnie responded:

"Isn't that what you mean by saying these words, by saying them in such an image, by provoking these people, by provoking this exchange of ideas, and isn't that what these words are for?If you're talking about something that's 100 percent acceptable to everyone and there's no disagreement, you don't need to say it."

In an age where just talking about sex can be condemned, I want to give a hearty hug to anyone who makes every small contribution to the human sexual cause. We don't promote sexual violence, we don't promote erotic culture. But when a man cannot face himself naked, how can he go from being born naked "perfectly" to leaving naked?


Marriage is actually the product of privatization before, a piece of paper, contract to own the body. So, above the bottom line of morality, above the promise of contracts, finding sex workers is inherently incompatible with society. So we want to find a substitute. How a doll fits into the role of a real person depends on its texture.

Believe a lot of net friends will ridicule, the doll ugly so expensive is to god? T told us, "the first dolls introduced in China were actually European. However, due to aesthetic differences, many people do tend to choose Japanese dolls. At the beginning, many cheap inflatable dolls and real life dolls were sold on the Internet. However, over time many users will find the doll 'too perfect'."

Human nature is such that it is easy to act or fall apart when you are confronted with something

whose skin is as slippery as a doll's, whose face is as beautiful as a doll's, and whose body is as hard as a doll's. In the end, it is with plastic skin. But the silicone used in the silicone doll technically improves the feel, skin texture and elasticity in many ways. The so-called ugly and the real, and soon there is a winner. Plus a lot of American and European stars are even willing to do a real person model, it is not necessarily the appearance of indigestible doll. Jessica drake, best actress at the AVN awards in 2015, has contributed her own model, which is very realistic.

Also, the factory can make dolls for anyone with permission.

Besides, one of the most important questions we will be curious about is "safety and health".

It's still a dummy after all. Yes, but you can also get bacteria and STDS if you choose to be a sex worker. This time thought of the good companion of mankind -- condom! But "condoms are not condoms," and many bacteria and sexual viruses can enter the body through the nanoscale aperture of the material.

It is also true that more people play with inflatable dolls than can be counted. But the vast majority of them use inferior dolls and have no cleaning habits. You can catch bacteria if you don't bathe yourself for years. Sex doll is made of materials that are water-resistant, stain-resistant, and non-toxic to humans. At present, a relatively mature system has been formed with strict quality inspection mode for the safety requirements of adult toys. However, Asian countries are still trying to find out some reasons such as late start, lack of openness to sex or imperfect laws. For consumers, of course, they prefer to buy on merit.

Also, don't think of sex toys as mere sex toys, but the role of sex dolls radiates from different fields."Not every sex doll is used to Make Love," wrote one movie fan in his review of Lars and the Real Girl, which also appeared in the movie.

According to Abyss Creations, the U.S. department of defense bought a number of abatement versions of sex doll from the company, which was bought for first aid training. Psychiatrists use dolls for adjuvant therapy; Other parents create dolls for children with autism or who are isolated by their peers. And the fabled chief, prince, race car driver and Nobel laureate Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil has made no secret of his $15,000 custom-made sex doll.

As mentioned earlier, sex dolls have recently even dabbled in VR in order to get into the full range of experiences!

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