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Men, as the core of a family, are very stressful. As a result, they have the habit of smoking, drinking and so on. But these are just endangering their health. The following questions, I hope male friends have to correct as soon as possible!

1. Clearing the lung and protecting the lung early to quit smoking: among male smokers, the risk of lung cancer in life is 17.2%. The risk of non-smokers was only 1.3%. For smokers, the first thing to do is to quit smoking! Eat more broccoli, mustard, cabbage and other cruciferous vegetables, which will help to eliminate harmful bacteria in the lungs. Traditional Chinese medicine uses white food to clear the lungs and prevent dryness. People who are prone to colds, or who are often uncomfortable with the lungs and bronchi and are prone to coughing, should eat more white food, such as white radish, cabbage, sugarcane and other vegetables, almond, yam, Lily and white peony. It also helps improve sexual function.

2. Blind kidney tonifying and hair loss are more serious: the number of male hair loss in China is about 130 million, with an average of one hair loss per four adult males. Male hair loss is the increase of sensitivity of hair follicles of local scalp to androgen, resulting in atrophy of hair follicles. It is also related to the fast pace of life and the high pressure of work. Some men think that the hair loss is caused by kidney deficiency. They buy kidney tonics to take them, and the more they eat, the more serious the hair loss is. Male hair loss is best found early, early treatment. For men with serious hair loss, it is better to go to the hospital for treatment. Under the guidance of doctors, minoxidil and finasteride have better effects.

3. Protect the heart and brain, Fat belly quick weight loss: many middle-aged men are proud of "generals belly". This belly of oil and water, but bring huge health risks, such as hyperlipidemia. On the one hand, hyperlipidemia is related to the excessive intake of lipids, on the other hand, it is related to the abnormal lipid metabolism. High blood fat will cause serious damage to the vascular endothelium, form plaque, cause stenosis of the lumen, and induce other diseases such as atherosclerotic heart disease. At the same time, high blood fat may also induce acute pancreatitis. For the sake of your beloved family, please lose your belly and do more exercise.

4. Be alert to the high risk of drunkenness and drinking: many men suffer from stomach disease, cardio cerebrovascular disease, hemorrhoids and alcoholism as a result of company dinner. The most important thing to pay attention to after social intercourse is drunkenness. Drunkenness and vomiting may cause respiratory tract to be blocked by vomit and suffocate. In addition, drunkenness is the most harmful to the human liver and stomach. People who drink for a long time are much more likely to suffer from gastric cancer and liver cancer. A lot of drinking and overeating are easy to cause acute pancreatitis, and the mortality rate is as high as 30% - 60%. Acute abdominal pain and shock are caused by the "self digestion" of highly corrosive pancreatin in patients with pancreatitis, accompanied by organ failure.

5. Sleep snoring is very distressed: sleep snoring is the clinical manifestation of sleep apnea hypopnea syndrome. The disease is mainly found in middle-aged men aged 30-49. The incidence of male patients is 2-8 times that of female patients, and those who are obese and have a large neck circumference are more likely to have the disease. Snoring can interfere with a partner's sleep, but not with the company of a sex doll.

Snoring will affect the normal blood oxygen circulation of the human body, make the human body lack of oxygen for a long time, and eventually lead to the damage of multiple system functions of the whole body, leading to hypertension, coronary heart disease, heart failure, respiratory failure, and even sudden death in sleep.

If you, as a male, have the above problems, you must correct them as soon as possible, otherwise they will endanger your health all the time. People's health is the most important. If there is no good body, nothing can be done. It's too late to regret in the end!


A person who loves a person has feelings, we can feel it, especially female friends, the sixth sense is particularly sensitive. So, what does it feel like for a man to really love you? Do you really feel it

Six feelings of  true love

1. Beautiful feelingAs the saying goes, beauty is always in the eyes of the lover, so when there is fall in love, you will feel that he or she is the most beautiful. Even if there is another opposite sex who is more beautiful than the one you love, but for you, he or she is the most beautiful one in your heart, and it is impossible for others to compare.

2. Cordial feelingWhen you fall in love with a person, you will have a very kind feeling, with him (her), you will feel very comfortable, very harmonious. You can trust and rely on him or her. He (she) is like a close family, or even more close than a family, and in this intimacy, you feel a warm feeling - this is the feeling of love. In this love country, he (she) is willing to tolerate all your shortcomings.

3. Feeling of envy and respectA healthy love relationship. There should be a feeling of being proud of the other party. You will appreciate all the other party's internal and external conditions and advantages, and the other party also makes you feel that he (she) is proud of you everywhere. If this feeling exists, no matter whether he or she is successful or unsuccessful in doing this, you will appreciate his or her talent, rather than just focus on the results.

4. Feeling of appreciationWhen you love each other, do you like to praise each other, not only for appreciating or perfunctory things, but also for telling other people about his / her good things in his / her absence, even if you can make a bowl of instant noodles for you. What's important is that you feel great joy in complimenting each other's enthusiasm.

5. Self esteem and confidenceLove relationship can improve a person's self-esteem and make you feel more meaningful in life, because love can make you find that you have incomparable uniqueness. Although you have advantages and disadvantages, your uniqueness makes you receive incomparable respect and life is more valuable.

6. PossessivenessLove is absolutely exclusive and can't share its intimate relationship with others. Therefore, when love is uncertain and stable, it needs marriage to last for the future, so we agree to meet each other when we get married. In real love life, it is necessary to promise loyalty to each other. You don’t even have to have sex to maintain this love.

Do you know how men love you? In fact, for women. Only when you know him well can you understand him further. Of course, if you don't love him, such a man doesn't know how to marry. You must pay attention to the above mentioned.


Sexual intercourse is an extremely physical "Sport", in some special circumstances, sexual life will only bring harm and danger to people. Although sex is the best way for husband and wife to keep healthy, don't take it as a taboo. Therefore, sexual intercourse requires certain conditions, and health is the most basic cost. If you feel unwell or have special conditions, it's safer to restrain your sexual life. Let's learn about it.

What are the conditions that are not suitable for sex

1. It's not suitable to have sexual intercourse after the initial recovery of serious illnessGenerally speaking, sexual intercourse should be stopped during the illness. Due to the wide variety of diseases and the different severity of the disease, it is better to ask the doctor for advice frankly.

2. It is not suitable to have sex when you are overtired, drunk or in a bad moodWhen a man is drunk, his sperm may be deformed. If he is pregnant, it will affect the fetus.

3. During menstruation, never have sexWhen menstruation comes, the endometrium falls off, there is a wound in the uterus, and the opening of the uterus is slightly open. Sexual trade brings bacteria into the uterus, causing inflammation of the reproductive organs. If there is chronic pelvic inflammation, menstrual intercourse will cause acute attack. Menstrual intercourse can also aggravate uterine congestion, increase menstrual blood, prolong menstrual period or aggravate menstrual discomfort.

4. The first three months and the last three months of pregnancy should be bannedIn the early stage of pregnancy, the placenta does not grow fast in the children's organs, and sexual transactions stimulate the contraction of the uterus and lead to abortion. In late pregnancy, sexual intercourse causes premature birth, uterine bleeding, or puerperal fever. During the rest of pregnancy, sexual life should also be controlled, and the action should not be violent, and do not oppress women's abdomen excessively.

5. Sexual intercourse should be avoided between the time of delivery and the time before uterine recovery (about 6-7 weeks)Otherwise, it will cause inflammation of reproductive organs, uterine bleeding or hinder the healing of perineum and vagina wounds and the recovery of postpartum health. If the postpartum vaginal blood secretion (lochia) lasts for a long time, the abstinence time should be prolonged accordingly.

6. Long sex life: When having sex, the sexual organs of both men and women are in close contact and activity in a highly congested state. If the time is too long, it is easy to cause various diseases. It is clinically proved that the sexual life lasts too long. Women are more likely to cause urinary tract infection, menstrual disorder, and men are prone to cause prostatitis.

Many people may have the experience that after a violent sexual life, the nervous body begins to relax and the quality of sleep is particularly high. Remember to have sex for about 1 hour, and drink cold drinks after the blood circulation of all parts of the body has basically returned to normal. Don't hurt your body for a while.


In many ways of sports improving sexual ability, many people will think of running, because running not only makes their muscles tighter, regulates their body and mind and improves their immunity, but also makes men's sexual muscles achieve good exercise. In order to make this more clear, let's understand why running enhances sexual ability. How can running enhance sexual ability

1. Promote sexual desire: Our body's normal sexual desire is not only directly controlled by the brain, but also has a great relationship with endocrine. Experts pointed out that the androgens secreted by Leydig cells of testis play an important role in sexual desire, and these two kinds of androgens are often affected by many factors, resulting in decreased secretion and abnormal secretion, which will lead to unsatisfactory sexual life and sexual dysfunction in men. For example, some diseases or trauma can damage testicular function, resulting in low gonadal function.If this happens before puberty, it may also affect the development of sexual signs and organs. If it occurs in adults, it can cause sexual desire to decline or even completely lose sexual desire. Men often take part in some exercises such as running in their daily life, which can effectively enhance their sexual ability and prolong their sexual life. This is a benefit that many men have ignored before. This is because running can effectively promote the secretion of androgens, so as to improve sexual ability. In addition to running can promote androgen secretion, there are also push ups, squats, weightlifting and other ways to promote androgen secretion, so as to solve various sexual dysfunction problems. Many other studies have found that running can increase muscle strength and make sex more ideal. Through a number of studies at home and abroad, it has been found that almost any aerobic exercise is beneficial to things in bed. Running, walking and other sports can also make people have a strong sexual desire. In addition to running can improve sexual function, there are also mountain climbing, walking race and so on can also enhance sexual function.

3. Strengthen muscles: It has been found that men who exercise, run or play basketball twice a week have a higher sexual pleasure than men who don't do any exercise. This is because in the process of exercise can quickly and effectively enhance the abdominal and buttock muscle elasticity, so at this time when making love, it is easier to make the woman reach orgasm than before. Long term and appropriate exercise can keep the balance between the strength and speed of male muscles, so the self-control ability is also greatly strengthened. In this case, the sexual pleasure time can be significantly prolonged when having sex. It can be seen that running is very beneficial to enhance the pleasure of sexual life of husband and wife. Besides running, there are also climbing and swimming, and the effect of helping sex is more obvious. Therefore, men with unsatisfactory sexual life should self-examine and how long they haven't exercised recently.

Running precautions: In order to make running play a better role in enhancing sexual function, men should pay special attention when running, that is, try not to be too fast, so not only can not play a role in enhancing sexual ability, but will lead to impotence. At the same time, we should keep running for a while, so as to improve sexual function.


Every woman's feelings of orgasm are different, people are really different, but how can we keep our marriage fresh? Regular exercise can not only make your body healthier, but also improve your sexual ability and make you perform better in bed. Today, I'd like to introduce six kinds of sports that can not only keep fit, but also boost your mood. Let's take a look at them.

1. Swimming: According to the study, if men can keep swimming for 30 minutes every day, the risk of prostate cancer will be greatly reduced, because swimming can not only improve disease resistance, but also promote local blood and lymph circulation of prostate. In addition, swimming can develop muscles evenly and enhance cold tolerance. Exercise the internal organs, especially the heart and lung function, promote metabolism and cultivate brave and indomitable will have a positive effect.

2. Single parallel bars: The muscles of the waist, back, arm and other parts of the man can be exercised very effectively through the movement of the single and parallel bars. In the process of sexual love, the muscles of these parts just take the responsibility.

3. Jogging: Jogging is the most popular aerobic metabolic exercise method in the world. It has a good effect on maintaining good heart function, preventing heart function from declining, preventing muscle atrophy, preventing coronary heart disease, hypertension, arteriosclerosis, obesity, etc. Jogging speed should not be too fast, to maintain a uniform speed, subjectively do not feel uncomfortable is appropriate. Exercise time shall be no less than 20 minutes and no less than 4 times a week.

4. Riding: Horseback riding is usually exciting because it's a combination of animals. In the cooperation with horses, athletes have exercised the agility and coordination of men's bodies, and made men's whole body muscles, especially leg muscles, be exercised.

5. Skating: Many fans in the audience like to enjoy the graceful skating movements of skaters. What they don't know, however, is that skating is also one of the mass sports. It's easy to improve men's vital capacity, which will help men fight for a longer time in terms of sex.

6. Stair climbing: Stair climbing is a kind of exercise combining fitness with daily life. It is a simple, effective, easy to carry out, and the amount of exercise is easy to adjust. It is favored by the residents living in high-rise buildings in the world. Generally, walking, running, multi-level crossing and jumping are used to climb stairs. It is advisable for beginners to start at a slow speed and last for 20 minutes. With the improvement of physical fitness, they should gradually speed up or extend the duration. When the physical ability can withstand 30-40 minutes, it can gradually transition to running, jumping or multi-level stair crossing.

Husband and wife always encounter a variety of problems and situations in sexual love, which may be due to the fact that they haven't been exposed to sexual love before, or the fact that they haven't fully understood each other, it's normal for them to have all kinds of problems in sexual love, but these problems must be paid attention to by everyone, so everyone should combine sports to improve their sexual ability.


Men are born with thick lines, but careful men are charming. Once men are careful, they will find many problems. They say that women's mind is hard to guess and unpredictable. Many men are angry because they don't understand the meaning and gender psychology of the woman. As a result, the man is still confused. In fact, it's not difficult to understand the woman. Today, I will teach you some ways to understand the woman's small mind.

1. Respect women: Don't interfere with each other's choices too much. It's better to encourage her to develop her own expertise, because everyone is the same. If you do something you don't like, you won't have passion and drive. If you think it's good, it may not be the best one for you. An important standard of a good modern man is to respect all women, including those who have only one face.

2. Warm physical contact:3. Timely care: Why do women love to hold men's hands? Because it's so intimate, it makes people feel secure. In fact, people all have the desire of physical contact, men and women are the same. The warmth in the palm and arms is the most impressive thing for a woman. It's far better than any diamond to remember for a lifetime. Generally, when she thinks of you, she mostly thinks of your arms, so don't grudge hugs and ten fingers.

3. Timely care: Caring for every woman is a pain, but caring too much will only annoy her. When she's upset, you can play the role of garbage can. Sometimes what a woman needs is just an object to be able to tell. When she finishes speaking, she is released, not necessarily asking for the result. Try to remember the names of the friends she and you mentioned, and give the best advice you can think of when she is in trouble.

4. Let her family and friends enjoy it:The elders are really fierce, and their eyes are extremely poisonous. If you can win the appreciation of her family and friends, you can get through half of them. Because women are usually easy to be influenced by people around you. There are people who appreciate you, and you will get a lot of help in many things.

Men should understand women. Only when they understand women can they make women love you more. No matter how strong women are, they can't compare with men. Women should love you. When you want to meet a woman, you need to learn the above essence. You can make women think you're doing something wrong and read their mind


The most popular type of men for women 

Nowadays, there are still many women who are suitable for marriage, but they are still unmarried. They are young women of older age. Even so, many women are still not married, and finally become leftover women. Leftover women are also the most prominent social problems. What are they waiting for when they don't choose to get married? What kind of men do they like? It's the most important step to know exactly what kind of partner they want.

1. Sun energy type. He has a healthy body. When you are with him, you will feel that life is so colorful! He seems to be always energetic. He gets up at 6 o'clock every day and goes to bed before 12 o'clock. You don't need to say that he will fix all kinds of chores of repairing electrical appliances at once. On holidays, I will take you to travel, climb mountains and run. When I am with him, you will feel full of strength and passion.

2. Love family type. This kind of man is a good man who cares for his family. In his mind, family is always the first. He will go home after work to help you do housework and clean your room. He loves your home as much as his life. He will deal with everything in an orderly way. When you are with him, you will feel very down-to-earth. If you meet this kind of economic and practical man, you should cherish it and never miss it!

3. Well proportioned style, he is tall and handsome. When you are with him, you absolutely have a sense of security. He has a charming smile and his eyes are full of electricity. No matter where you go, he will be the focus of the crowd. He is the perfect man loved by countless girls, and it is the dream of most girls to be with him. If your man is Yushulinfeng type, you will have nothing to steal. Married to such a man, you will be very face saving, just to worry, will he be attracted by the scenery outside?

4. He is a master of paying bills. He has a successful career and economic foundation. Every time he goes on a date, he rushes to pay. As long as you like the clothes and cosmetics you like, he will buy them all to please you. If you want a diamond ring, he will buy the biggest one. If you want a car, he will give you the latest one. Only people are material requirements, he can meet you. Rich men spend money for you. Maybe you won't be moved. But when you meet someone who really loves you, he will give you the security you want.

When a man doesn't have a lot of money, he will give you all his money. When he has money, he is willing to give you his time and share his happiness and troubles. Obviously, leftover women are older than other people. They are also eager for love and marriage. In fact, they don't want to marry. They just don't meet the man who makes her attractive. If you are the type she likes, you should appear in her life in time.


1. How to deal with the failure of first sexual intercourse?? Failure to have sex on a wedding night is also common. According to the analysis, the failure of first sexual intercourse is related to the experience of sexual intercourse. The number of people without experience accounts for 2 / 3 of the number of failures. After the failure of first sexual intercourse, 1 / 3 of them can understand the reasons. Most of the failures can be successfully combined after 2-5 times of trial intercourse, so even if they fail, they don't have to be impatient or have any concerns. They can take a short rest and try again, or wait for a day or two Emotional stability, new marriage when the strain is relieved and try again. If the man fails, the woman's accusations such as "really useless" and "too bad" will make the man deeply ashamed and uneasy, suffer greater psychological setbacks and fall into trouble. At this time, if the woman can be reasonable, if nothing happens to say something, to encourage and comfort the man, the man will restore courage, to achieve a harmonious and happy sexual life.

2. Is the first sexual bleeding and pain a virgin?The problem of "hymen" is the first thing that newlyweds come into contact with in their first sexual life. In fact, from the perspective of medical practice, it is not scientific to judge whether virgins are virgins by bleeding and pain. Because not every virgin in the first sexual intercourse is bleeding or pain, and the characteristics of hymen vary from person to person, including thin, thick, loose, tight, big, small, and different shapes. Some of them are broken due to strenuous exercise (sports food), cycling, falling injury, releasing menstrual thrombus, masturbation and other reasons; some of them have their own retreat; some of them are not obvious at birth The extension of hymen is very strong, although it remains intact after multiple sexual intercourse.

3. Does semen outflow affect conception after sexual intercourse? It is a common phenomenon that semen flows out of vagina after sexual intercourse. In fact, although each ejaculation can discharge about 2-5ml of semen, which contains hundreds of millions of sperm, only a few sperm can reach the fallopian tube through the cervix and the ovary to wait for fertilization, generally only 15-50 sperm, and more than 200 sperm. Among them, only one sperm with superior quality is selected by the egg and married with it to complete the great cause of life continuity. Most of the rest of the sperm were excluded from the palace gate and discharged from the vagina. In order to prevent semen outflow and improve the chance of conception, the buttocks of the woman can be padded up during sexual intercourse and lie on her back for another two hours after sexual intercourse, so as to ensure that semen will submerge the uterine orifice and reduce its outflow. As for the excess semen discharged from vagina after sexual intercourse, it is a natural phenomenon and has no effect on conception.

4. Do you want contraception for honeymoon? Nowadays, marriage tourism is quite common, although it has many advantages, but newlyweds should not forget to pay attention to contraception, so as to avoid sowing poor "seeds" and regret for life. Because of the irregular travel life, nervous mood, mental and physical fatigue, the body resistance will also decline, which will affect the quality of sperm and eggs. Besides, the climate is very different from place to place during the journey, which is easy to catch cold. In addition, the crowd is mixed, the pollution is extensive, the sanitary conditions of bathing and accommodation are poor, and it is easy to induce and infect diseases. In particular, the infection of rubella virus and sexual virus is an important inducement of abortion, premature delivery, stillbirth or fetal malformation or secondary infertility. Medical and geneticists believe that a comfortable and happy life is the best way to conceive. From the perspective of eugenics, newlyweds are not suitable for honeymoon if they want to get pregnant earlier. Honeymoon couples should take contraceptive measures. It is better to be pregnant 1-2 months after the tour.


Politeness is essential in our daily life. Each of us will also pay attention to our own politeness problems. In our sexual life, our attention is generally focused, so even if there are some impolite behaviors, the other party doesn't care. However, gender health experts point out that there are some impolite sexual behaviors that may cause each other's aversion. What are these impolite sexual behaviors?

1.Don't force sexual behavior. No matter who is active or passive, the most important thing in sex is that both sides must have the will to have sex. If you can't respect your partner's basic rights, other sexual rituals are empty talk. What's more, the way of coercion or half pushing will not only reduce the quality of the whole sexual process, but also be disgusted by the partner and cause a shadow to the other party's heart.

2.Don't be cold. Both men and women like to be praised, especially in bed activities, praise your partner more, such as "you are beautiful", "you are strong", "make me comfortable" and so on. Such praise can make the other party more confident and understand your needs and preferences. In the process of sexual life, we should think more about each other. If the other person's physical strength is not good, you can consider changing the sexual posture to make him feel your love and consideration. At the end of the day, you may as well give a hug or say "I love you". Even if there is no orgasm in the process, women will feel very sweet.

3.Keep sex secret. Whether it's good or bad, don't compare your partner with your ex girlfriend or ex-wife. Even if the other party asks for a comparison, you should also know how to politely refuse. After all, sex is a privacy between two people. If you tell your current partner that his skills are better than those of his former partner, it will cause him a kind of pressure. He will not perform well next time, or he will become the person you compare after breaking up. If you tell him that he is not as good as your predecessor, the result will be worse. The sexual life between partners is essential, and the sexual life needs the cooperation of two people.

The sexual life is not something that one person can accomplish, but two people blend with each other, understand each other, and need to cooperate with each other to complete. And in order to have a high quality of sex life, it is necessary to know more about this common sense. We must remember!


Men fight for their families and women fight for the world. Women are more gentle than men, but some women have their own independent space and women have privacy that they don't want to be asked. What privacy do women hate most when men ask about themselves? Men want women to be gentle and virtuous, women want men to be more considerate; men want to occupy all of women, and women want to be all of a men. Therefore, men always want to thoroughly understand women's hearts. When thinking about women's minds, there are four privacy issues that must not be asked of them, hurting their feelings and self-esteem.

1. Who did you first have sex with?

Every woman will have the past life, stories that happened in the past, some sad, some painful, some happy, some sweet, but the most unforgettable stories that finally settled in her mind, most of them are hopeless and helpless. Young don't understand, for love and put out the fire, thought that love a person is a lifetime, desperate, but in the end was defeated by reality, was injured. Never ask a woman who is the first man she loves and who she gave it to for the first time. This scar, no matter when it is uncovered, will be painful.

2,How many boyfriends have you lived with?

Not every woman can find her own Prince smoothly. Some women go through mountains and rivers, and they don't necessarily find a man who makes them happy. Never ask her how many boyfriends she has had or how many people she has loved before. Who is willing to give a man the opportunity to hurt himself again and again, who is willing to talk about another hopeless love. Thick love history may make you doubt her sincerity, but please don't doubt that a woman married you at the stake of her life's happiness. I am willing to marry you because I believe in you and love you deeply.

3,What kind of intimacy do you like?

Most women don't want to express themselves in words, not all women are open in terms of sex. More women are willing to express their inner feelings with their bodies, rather than express their privacy at a glance. So, when you want to know whether your woman is satisfied with her sex, you don't need to ask more, use your eyes to observe more, and pay more attention to her attitude towards you afterwards, whether she feels sweet, happy, or happy.

4. Who has had a crazy night with?

No matter how much the woman in front of you loves you, if she has had a crazy night with a strange man, it will be a secret she will never tell in her life. Maybe she used to be too naive, too naive, desperate for love, or just impulsive, or being cheated by the love field veteran Facing life, such experience, for them, choosing to forget is the best medicine.

Love means unconditional acceptance of her past, so, womanhood, seafloor needle, do not try to see through a woman completely. Maybe it's their past stories that make you appreciate the one you love and love. Women with stories often understand men's hearts better. Because of experience, so know, because know, so just compassion.

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