Like a blockbuster! take you through the history of the sex doll!--2 from vivian's blog

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The original Japanese doll, basically a personal balloon comfort toy, was made of vinyl and rubber and was very cheap.Blow before use, fold after use, but the body edge is often due to cracks and air leakage.Imagine you're using a sex doll and the doll face suddenly dries up.Can it be happy?
--In the 1970s and 1980s, the big hollow bananas and 'amputee girls' were dolls
This period, appeared to still be wide at present popular "palm sex doll", it is roughly equivalent to a big banana that is hollowed out, easy to carry and hide, make men feel long drought meets sweet rain for a time.
At the end of the 1980s, the complete body of the "friend" finally appeared!They began to move closer to the simulation, but their bodies were still frighteningly and in a single pose.In order to overcome these shortcomings, combinatorial girl appeared on the market.Can look at those are torn apart, the arm that fall apart , how so horrific?
--Sex dolls drive men crazy all over the world
After the 1990s, the doll was given a big show, and people began to use advanced medical non-toxic software silicone or PVC materials to make the "companion". The dolls have become more resilient, the battery allows them to maintain a constant temperature of 37° c, and the indoorsman can finally shower with their "girlfriend".
Here's Valentina, a Brazilian doll whose virginity rights cost $105,100.
Bidders also get a free round trip to Sao Paulo, a free presidential suite at the hotel, a French dinner and sexy lingerie from a beautiful girl! The $105,100 gift package includes access to the doll, a round trip to Sao Paulo, a presidential suite, a French dinner, sexy lingerie…
--American Realdoll
In April 2017, Realdoll united technologies launched Harmony, an AI robot doll with artificial intelligence. Unlike traditional sex dolls, Harmony has the ability to learn and connect with people. Harmony has an internal heater that simulates real body temperature. Built-in evolvable AI system, permanent memory, remember user information. You can chat, learn, and fall in love with your users. The operating system can be updated through the mobile APP. Harmony is said to have a Scottish accent and 18 personality traits such as "shy" and "sexy".
Dating with a doll, start your journey of happiness now :

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