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Hey ya'll!
We're about to launch an app and we're in search of photos to use in our app screenshots in the itunes and google play stores. 
The site is

If you have a mostly rockabilly look and wouldn't mind us using your photo, please email me at If you're single- you'll get a 3 month VIP subscription. If you're not- you'll get our undying love and affection <3


admin Mar 8 '18

We've added a new feature to the site that will bring a little analogue to digital dating: Calling cards! It's an old school concept with a new school twist!

Basically, you download the pdf, open it in a pdf editor and add your profile name (exactly the way it is shown in the web address bar), hit print (chose fit to page and b/w to save ink) and get 8 customized Cards!

Now what? Take those suckers with you when you go out to hand to anyone who catches your eye! It eases up on the pressure to ask for phone numbers or see if they're single and if they want to know more, they can simply find you on the site! Simple, right?

Just click on "Calling Cards" in the menu bar to get the pdf!

admin Nov 27 '17
Alert: Wristband Raffle Winners will be notified tomorrow by both the email you have on your profile AND by message on this site. You will have 7 days to respond before the prize is given to someone else! Be on the lookout!
admin Nov 6 '17

Hey there!

If you joined recently and want to enter the raffle, Please see the rules in the link attached and get your profile in compliance before next Friday when we announce the winners!

Message me (the admin) on or email me at if theres any confusion or questions!

Click here for complete rules!

admin Oct 26 '17

Join between 10/20 and 11/3 and be automatically entered into a raffle for one of five FREE HIGH ROLLER WRISTBANDS to Viva Las Vegas #21!

Current Members can enter to win too! See below!


-Must sign up before 11/3/2017. Winners to be chosen at random and notified by email no later than 11/7/2017.

-Profiles MUST BE COMPLETE with all info filled in honestly (no joke profiles will be accepted)

-Profiles MUST INCLUDE PROFILE PHOTO of the registering member as well as at least 2 other photos of YOURSELF- Not your dog or other people. 

-All registrants MUST validate their emails. Message us at or message the admin if you have problems or are not receiving your email confirmations- they often end up in spam or trash- please add to your approved email list. 

-Sharing the contest on social media and hashtagging  #rockabillydating will get you one additional raffle entry! 

-Wristbands are Non-Transferrable- they can only be used by the winners. 

-Winners will be contacted by Viva Las Vegas via the email provided on Winners will be given 7 days to respond before the pass is awarded to another member.

-Current members can be added to the raffle as long as profiles are complete and meet the above requirements before the deadline. Double check your email addresses on your accounts and make sure we aren’t ending up in your spam filters. Once your profile is complete, email us at so we can add you to the raffle. 

-No Purchase necessary. Must be over 18 years of age. We will not publicly announce your win without your consent nor will we share your information. 

-Void where prohibited. 

-Complete Rules can be viewed HERE:



We are so excited to have Jerry Lee Lewis at the Car show this year!

This Rock 'n Roll legend just celebrated his 82nd birthday on Sept 29th!

Jerry Lee Lewis was born on September 29th, 1935, in Ferriday, Louisiana. He began playing the piano at age 9, copying the styles of preachers and black musicians that traveled through the area. He signed with Sun Records in 1956 and quickly became a star. He was the first person inducted into the first class of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.

With his innovative and flamboyant piano playing style, Jerry Lee Lewis emerged as one of rock music’s early showman in the 1950s. His musical talents became apparent early on in life. He taught himself to play piano and sang in church growing up. Lewis listened to such radio shows as the Grand Ole Opry and Louisiana Hayride. Jimmie Rodgers, Hank Williams and Al Jolson were some of his early influences.

When he was 10, Lewis’ father mortgaged the family farm to buy Jerry Lee his first piano. He gave his first public performance at the age of 14, wowing the crowd gathered for the opening of a local car dealership with his piano prowess. With little formal education, he basically gave up on school around this time to focus on his music.

Lewis eventually ended up in Memphis, Tennessee, where he found work as a studio musician for Sun Studios. In 1956, he recorded his first single, a cover of Ray Price’s “Crazy Arms,” which did well locally. Lewis also worked on some recording sessions with Carl Perkins. While working at Sun, he and Perkins jammed with Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash. This session by the “Million Dollar Quartet” was recorded at the time, but it was not released until much later.

In 1957, Lewis became a star with his unique piano-driven sound. “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” became a hit on the pop, country and R&B charts. By this time, Lewis had also developed some of his famous stage antics, such as playing standing up and even lighting the occasional piano on fire. He had such energy and enthusiasm in his performances that he earned the nickname “The Killer” for the way he knocked out his audiences.

Lewis was on a roll with his next single, “Great Balls of Fire,” proving to be another big hit in December 1957. The following March, Lewis struck again with “Breathless,” which made into the Top 10 of the pop charts.

In the 1960s, Lewis returned to the music of his youth. He found a new career as a country artist, scoring a hit with 1968’s “Another Place, Another Time.” Lewis recorded several country albums over the next few years, including 1970’s Olde Tyme Country Music and 1975’s Boogie Woogie Country Man.

Lewis never left the rock world completely. In 1973, he did well on the album charts with “The Session”. He revisited some of his older songs as well as the works of Chuck Berry and John Fogerty on this popular recording.

When he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s first class in 1986, there was a strong resurgence in his rock & roll career and music. A new generation of listeners got introduced to Lewis through the 1989 biopic “Great Balls of Fire”, when Lewis was played by actor Dennis Quaid.

This nearly lifelong musician and singer continues to record new music and perform around the world. For 2006’s “Last Man Standing”, Lewis sang a number of rock, blues and country classics with some help from such famous admirers as Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson and Buddy Guy. Collaborator Kristofferson described Lewis as “one of the few who can do rock ‘n’ roll, country or soul, and every song is authentic.” He told USA Today that Lewis is “one of the best American voices ever.”

Lewis and Kristofferson worked together again on Lewis’s next effort, 2010’s “Mean Old Man”. The all-star guests on this release included Eric Clapton, Tim McGraw, Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock and John Fogerty among others.

In April of 2013 Lewis opened Jerry Lee Lewis’ Café & Honky Tonk on historic Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee. It is filled with one of the Killer’s pianos, a motorcycle, photos, and memorabilia, along with great food and live music. In October of 2014 The Killer released his first ever biography with Pulitzer Prize winning author Rick Bragg. “Jerry Lee Lewis – His Own Story” came out to critical acclaim.

As he looks back on six decades of music and what the future holds, Lewis says he’s grateful. “I just think it’s a blessing from God that I’m still living… and I’m still rocking.”

Lewis spends most of his time-off at his “Lewis Ranch” in Nesbit, Mississippi, where he is happily married to his wife Judith, since March 9th, 2012.

Video Of Jerry Lewis back in the day!



MadSin Oct 9 '17
I have turned email verification OFF for now since half the people signing up aren't getting them. FYI
admin Sep 28 '17
Who is attending? It's always great to get each others friends together and meet up for drinks!
So, you made it on here and registered and you might be thinking: what's next? 

Here are some tips for creating a profile that gets you noticed: 

1. Photos: choose photos that look like you NOW and showcase you in your best light: smiling helps but is certainly not mandatory. Multiple pics are great but make sure your main profile pic is the best one! Take advantage of all of the photo ops you have here by utilizing pics of you having fun, doing what you love and showing anything else you want VISUALLY vs having to write paragraphs about it. Pictures tell more of a story and lets be honest... nobody reads....

2. That said, in case people DO want to read all about you- craft a good, yet simple bio. Make your bio about YOU and what you are looking for in friends or in lovers. Hi light what you LIKE vs what you DON'T like BUT.... Please be clear about what you're looking for. It's ok to say "No hook-ups please" or "no ONS" (thats One Night Stand). If you're vegan and only want to hang with vegans, it's totally ok to say so! 

3. Feel free to create blog posts and groups! These will highlight you as a contributing community member and get you seen (if thats what you want) and showcase you as an expert or someone cool to hang out with. Groups can be anything: Vintage clothing for gals, shows in So Cal, Meetups, etc... The sky's the limit- this is your site!

Got any questions? Just ask!


admin Sep 25 '17 · Tags: getting started
As the Webmaster and main admin here, I'd like to welcome you as's first members! 

We think of this site as more than just dating, but as a social network for you to use to connect with each other that's a little less overwhelming than the big FB. 

We really want you to take your shoes off and do most if not all of the following: 

- Post photos of yourselves doing things you love

- Write blogs 

- Create Groups for meeting up at events or discussing anything like: vintage and repro clothing, music, record hops, etc...

- Post events happening near you or that you want to promote

- Interact with each other and create a fun and collaborative community!

Feel free to message me with any questions. I can be reached on this profile AND as Admin (no photo). 


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